Thick-film substrates

Thick-film technology is a highly sophisticated technology for the production of wiring supports that has been in use for decades. The conductor tracks are applied by screen printing and then burned in. The use of ceramic as substrate enables highest reliability under the harshest environmental conditions. Thick-film circuitry is clearly superior to PCBs in terms of temperature resistance and service life.

    • Main advantages of thick-film technology
      • Use of ceramic as substrates with excellent heat conduction properties.
      • Realisation of printed resistors over a wide spectrum (mOhm to GOhm) with the possibility of producing any value using laser alignment.
      • Active calibration of thick-film resistors after component assembly.
      • Progress through continuous development

        The Cicor Group has continuously developed thick-film technology in recent years. Key advances include:

        • Further development of printing pastes to improve the resolution of lines and vias, better adaptation of the coefficients of expansion of dielectric pastes to the substrate material.
        • Improvement of the printing screens or stencils (finest fabric up to 500 mesh, calendered fabric).
        • Further development of the printers (fully automatic with camera adjustment) and curing ovens (improved temperature accuracy, better profile constancy).
        • Further development of laser systems for ceramic processing and resistance compensation.
        • Photolithographic structuring of printed guide surfaces or laser structuring of conductor paths in order to minimize line and space widths extremely (up to approx. 30µm).
        • Laser structuring of dielectric pastes to minimize via dimensions (Ø < 100µm) with the result that multilayer structures can be printed much more compactly.


        The successful further development of thick-film technology in combination with the qualification of the production line for aerospace applications opens up unique possibilities for the manufacture of highly reliable products.

      • Possible applications / markets
        • Aerospace & defence
        • Special power modules
        • Sensor technology