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Plastic Injection Molding

  • Plastic injection molding of a hearing aid component at the Cicor site in Batam

The Cicor Group designs and manufactures high-quality tools and offers precision plastic injection molding with vertically integrated secondary processes and assembly services. Cicor offers services ranging from the idea to tool design and fabrication to serial production. The engineers work hand in hand with the production department. Through this cooperation there is an intensive exchange of know-how and technology.

Cicor provides its customers fast, efficient and cost-effective solutions in the areas of tool design and fabrication as well as plastic injection molding.

The Cicor Group has ISO class 7 clean rooms for injection molding, assembly and packaging. The clean rooms are validated for RTU (ready-to-use) medical applications.


Unique capabilities of precision molding

  • Advanced medical and micro molding in class 10,000 (ISO class 7) cleanroom and control room
  • Provides precision molding from Singapore, Indonesia Batam, China Suzhou and Vietnam
  • highly respected team and cutting-edge micro molding machine enable us to provide extremely precise dimensions requirement
  • Fully automated molding capabilities for medical components, including auto-dating, automated optical inspection, and cavitation separator.
  • More than 100 units of injection molding capacity ranging from 20 to 300 tons
  • High-precision 2K components, horizontal and vertical insert molding
  • high-precision micro molding of a 2 mm diameter microstructure
  • Achieve tight micron tolerances
  • Auto material feeding system with dehumidifier dryer
  • Servo robot arm with a visual camera system
  • RTU ready-to-use product molding in a class ISO-7 cleanroom to eliminate the need for sterilization processes.
  • highly respected team and cutting-edge equipment enable us to provide in-house capabilities that prioritize efficiency, speed, and risk mitigation.


Box building and system assembly

  • Advanced medical box building in class 10,000 (ISO class 7) cleanroom and control room
  • Sub-assembly processes are available from Singapore, Indonesia Batam, China Suzhou and Vietnam
  • Micro assembly with a microscope for medical wearable and industrial products
  • Sub-assembly for medical products in class 10,000 (ISO class 7) cleanroom
  • Sealed packaging with Multivac thermoforming machine in Class 10,000 cleanroom
  • Branson precision vibration welding in Class 10,000 cleanroom
  • Ultrasonic welding for medical components
  • Coil winding for precision optical instrument
  • Silk screening, Pad/tampon printing normal and rotary
  • Product reliability test (humidity/temperature/packaging and salt spray test)
  • Fully automated spray paint line
  • Hydrophobic coating service
  • Bending of thintubes for wearable hearing aids
  • Micro assembly of telecoil modules, sefar mesh, locking pins
  • IS0 13485 and Registered contract manufacturer US FDA, Quality 21 CFR Part 820


Fully automated Spray Painting

  • State-of-the-art light-off spray painting line by Moldow A/S, with Wagner robotic spray system
  • Conveyor and spinning wagon with RFID auto program pickup
  • 6-color paint kitchen for fast color changeover time in 5mins

Plastic injection molding sites

Cicor production site in Batam, Indonesia

Batam, Indonesia

Batam, Indonesia
Cicor production site in Suzhou, China

Suzhou, China

Suzhou, China
Cicor production site in Thuan an City, Vietnam

Thuan An City, Vietnam

Thuan An City, Vietnam

We are here for you

Our Precision Plastics team is avaiable to answer any questions about Cicor and our solutions.

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