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3D-MID technology

  • Close-up of device housing with 3D-MID (3D Molded Interconnect Devices)

The 3D-MID (3-dimensional molded interconnect device) technology makes it possible to integrate mechanical and electronic functions within one component in the smallest of spaces. The electronic circuit is integrated in the plastic part/casing, significantly enhancing the compact design and functional density. By doing so, the number of components needed can be reduced to one.

New possibilities for product innovations

  • Freedom in design

  • Miniaturization and weight reduction

  • Functional integration (3D conductor path structures, antennae, switches, connectors and sensor systems)

  • Reduced manufacturing costs due to fewer components and material savings

  • Shorter process chains and fewer process stages

  • Increased reliability

Application areas for 3D-MID technology can now be found in almost all markets and industries. The future-oriented, integrative application fields of mechatronics, sensor technology, optoelectronics and connectors are not the only areas with high demands when it comes to miniaturization. Safety-related applications for Industry 4.0 or smart wearables technology have to fulfill the most stringent safety criteria within the smallest of spaces. We cooperate with our customers to develop sophisticated and reliable products and solutions. From the initial idea  to serial production.


3D-MID site

Cicor production site in Suzhou, China

Suzhou, China

Suzhou, China

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