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Power Supply

Cicor offers top-tier AC/DC and DC/DC power solutions ranging from 1W to 1.2KW. All solutions are catering to your requirements and specialising in both medical and industrial grade solutions. Our services include engineering support, custom modifications, and full design cycle assistance, ensuring seamless integration and reliability.

Cicor's product range features desktop, wall mount, battery chargers, LED drivers, open-frame, U-channel, enclosed, and encapsulated solutions. Our Brands include Powerpax, Stontronics and Cable Power. We also represent Protek in our portfolio.

Medical Grade Power Supply Solutions

Safety and reliability are critical in medical technology. Our solutions power devices such as defibrillators, ventilators, dental equipment, aesthetic laser devices and home healthcare diagnostics. All Cicor products for the Medical and Home Healthcare Markets can be modified and tailored to your requirements.

Our Medical grade products are certified to the latest medical IEC 60601-1 edition safety standards for 2 x MOPP applications and to the latest edition medical EMC requirements.

Industrial Power Supply Solutions

Industrial power solutions often require special features such as peak output power for short periods and selected output connectors for wall-mounted or desktop products.

Cicor's industrial-grade power supplies are designed to meet the latest strict safety standards and EMC Requirements, including where applicable compliant to ERP (Energy Related products) Ecodesign efficiency regulations. Suitable applications include printing, test and measurement, factory automation, battery chargers, communications and networking, as well as lighting. All of our standard product options can be modified to meet your application requirements.


Case Study: Customised Power Supplies for CO₂ Monitors

Flamefast approached Cicor with a high-volume, urgent project to deploy their carbon dioxide monitors in schools, offices, and other indoor environments to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. They required over 50,000 power supplies within a 12-16 week timeframe to ensure installation before the new school term began. Cicor was chosen for this project due to our previous delivery of dependable and cost-effective power supply units to Flamefast.

We developed a solution that maintained the existing safety approvals of the power supply, significantly reducing engineering time and costs, which enabled a faster market release and confidence in the solution. Cicor provided a modified standard 5VDC Plugtop Adapter with custom output cables. With our engineering and design support, we delivered a highly reliable and competitively priced power supply solution.

“We had previously sourced power supplies from Cicor, so we reached out as we were having difficulty finding a suitable product on the open market. Cicor was incredibly accommodating. For ease of deployment, we needed a 2m cable, while most available products offered only 1m or less. Cicor not only provided this but also offered a custom packaging solution and suggested various sizes for mains adapters to make the Vision CO₂ Monitors packaging as compact as possible, reducing both assembly time and transport costs.”

– Andrew Green, General Manager, Flamefast Gas Safety

Custom solutions

Cicor provides highly reliable, highly efficient, customised power supply solutions up to 1200W to meet our customers' toughest challenges. Our engineering experts guide you through the entire design and NPI process, from concept development to certification support. With a strong foundation in regulatory compliance and expertise in the medical, dental, instrumentation, security and renewable energy sectors, we tailor technologies to meet specific application requirements. Cicor's global manufacturing solutions complement our engineering capabilities, offering full assembly of finished designs and customised delivery programmes.

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