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Optical inspection with AOI in Radeberg, Germany


RHe Microsystems GmbH installed an automatic optical inspection unit in Sommer 2018. The device of the series Advanced Line from Göpel Electronic will mainly be used for solder joint inspection of SMD components, the control of coating coating and the inspection of printed circuit board structures. An input station with two magazine handling and an output station with good/bad sorting allow an automatic inspection operation without permanent employee presence. The handling of ceramic substrates or printed circuit boards up to dimensions of 300 mm x 400 mm is easily possible. Thin printed circuit boards up to 300 μm thickness can also be processed. The inspection unit can also be automatically loaded with unusual formats, such as 50 mm x 500 mm.

The inspection unit is equipped with three cameras. A main camera with a pixel size of 21 μm and a high-resolution camera with a pixel size of 3 μm provide images that are interpreted by the machine. This makes it possible to inspect the smallest components up to size 01005. In addition, an oblique view camera with 360° panoramic view can be used for pin inspection of housed components. The light spectrum that can be used ranges from ultraviolet to visible to infrared light. This improves throughput, especially with high volume products and thus increases RHe's productivity. Also the employees of the optical control are relieved and can concentrate on special products, with which the human ability is indispensable. Equipped with label scanners, AOI meets the requirements of traceability, which is essential especially for the medical technology sector. With this optical inspection system RHe Microsystems is well prepared for the future.