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New laser trimmer in Ulm, Germany


A new laser trimmer was put into operation at the Ulm site in Sommer 2018. The machine for the exact determination and adjustment of the resistances not only replaces the older systems, but also has an automatic loading and unloading system in addition to fast "flying probes" that can be moved freely in all directions. The fully computer-controlled laser trimming system LS9600-TD 532nm from Laser Systems was developed for industrial use for the adjustment of thin-film circuits and is equipped with a green pulsed Nd:YAG laser from Spectra-Physics. The frequency doubling ensures a minimum focus diameter in order to be able to adjust even the smallest structures within a large resistance range.

The machine was purchased in order to master the balancing act between fast prototype production in the smallest series and short running times as well as series production with higher quantities. This is made possible by the three high-precision, individually controllable and movable measuring tips for flexible contacting of any component. A complex and product-specific probe card becomes superfluous. The coordinates for needles and lasers can be imported directly from a CAD file. The trimmer program can be quickly created and conveniently monitored via an HTML based interface programmed exclusively for Cicor. On the other hand, a substrate handler from ASYS in combination with automatic image recognition  enables autonomous processing of an entire production lot. With this investment, Cicor expands its machinery in the thin-film sector in order to be able to manufacture products of outstanding quality and performance for its customers through the use of state-of-the-art equipment.