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Cicor published its 8th White Paper: "Protective coatings for electronic printed circuit board assemblies"

Humidity, dust, extreme temperatures and changing environmental conditions can place con-siderable strains on electronic printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs). Sooner or later, elec-tronics used in such environments or under such conditions are likely to suffer failures. This risk can, however, be mitigated through the application of appropriate protective coatings.

This Cicor white paper provides guidance for both the automated and manual coating of elec-tronic PCBAs. Observing the points outlined in this white paper will decidedly improve the safety aspect of the coating process.

If the design of an electronic PCBA is completed without factoring in any potential protective coating, subsequent coating may no longer be possible or would require significant additional effort and cost. For this reason, the potential application of a protective coating to electronic components should already be taken into consideration during the design phase. Such early design-related decisions have a fundamental impact on any product's process capability, quality and costs.

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