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Cicor published its 11th White Paper: "Ultra High Density Interconnect Printed Circuit Boards"

Further miniaturisation of electronic devices of many kinds and the higher level of Integration require a different approach on the manufacturing of printed circuit boards. Electronic components and packages are still getting smaller almost every year. According to Moore’s law, a doubling of the number of components per integrated circuit is happening every 24 months. To make best use of this development, more densely packed printed circuit boards are needed. This need is rapidly increasing in many business segments. Miniaturisation is a need in all dimensions, not just pattern density in x and y, but also thickness of circuits is of high importance. Currently used techniques have reached their limits or it will be reached within the next few years. New manufacturing processes or new combination of processes will be required to fulfill the needs, as well as keeping costs under control. Potential approaches to produce these type of ultra high density circuits will be discussed in this paper.


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