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Cicor Technologies Ltd. – SIX Exchange Regulations opens investigation in connection with a possible information leak relating to the publication of the half-year report 2018, caused by a third-party company


Boudry/Bronschhofen, December 12, 2018 – Cicor (SIX Swiss Exchange: CICN) has been notified by the internal supervisory authority of SIX Swiss Exchange, SIX Exchange Regulation, that an investigation into the company has been opened.

The investigation relates to a possible information leak when the half-year report 2018 was published. A third-party company that was commissioned to send out the half-year report 2018 sent the Interim Report out by mail to some of the shareholders one day too early, contrary to Cicor’s instructions.

Having discovered the mistake shortly after the start of trading, Cicor notified SIX Exchange Regulation immediately and the press release and half-year report 2018 were published within a few hours in consultation with SIX Exchange Regulation.
Cicor therefore believes that there is no need to investigate the matter further. Cicor itself has not committed any misconduct and the interests of investors were not put at risk at any point.


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