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Cicor Opens First China Production Site


Suzhou Cicor Technology Co. Ltd. launches in grand style

Suzhou, CHINA, 22 November 2012 — Cicor Group, a globally active group of leading companies serving the electronics industry, held a grand opening ceremony to launch its first production site in China on the 20th of November. The event, taking place in the city of Suzhou, welcomed more than 100 guests to the Cicor factory to celebrate a year of hard work in successfully establishing the newest Cicor entity, Suzhou Cicor Technology Co. Ltd.

Cicor is proud to have the opportunity to establish itself in China, a nation whose outstanding, rapid economic growth has made it the envy of the world. In the company’s efforts, Cicor greatly appreciates the support from the city of Suzhou, its local government and a broad range of VIPs who assisted in the implementation process.

The Suzhou Cicor Technology opening ceremony got underway at precisely 15:15 in the afternoon. Paying homage to the principles of Chinese feng shui the event began with an exciting Lion dance, bringing good luck and fortune to the new Cicor Suzhou production site.

Following a series of introduction speeches, Cicor Chairman, Mr. Kohler Antoine, and Suzhou New District Officer, Mr. Gu Guang,Director of SND Investment Promotion Bureau carried out the ritual of dotting (opening) the eyes of the lion, knows as dian jing 点睛, to awaken the lion’s spirit and commence the ‘good luck’ dance.

The more than 100 guests at Suzhou Cicor Technology Company included Cicor board members, local Chinese governmental officials (Mr. Simon Xie, Deputy Director of SND Investment Promotion Bureau, Ms. Xu Yu, section chief of Economic and Development Department and several government officials), representatives from 27 companies, the Cicor Suzhou team and local partners, along with SwissCham board member, Mr. Michael Lehmann. The event dress code called for women to dress in red for good luck and men to dress in grey or blue, Cicor’s corporate brand colours.

Guests were taken on site tour where they received explanation of the Cicor Suzhou factory’s various operations and applied technologies. With the site’s machinery up and running, everyone had unique opportunity to see up close how items are produced.

The production site has been equipped with the latest state-of-the art equipment, tooling and machinery designed to produce innovative and high-tech devices and 3D-MID.

3D-MID stands for Moulded Interconnect Devices or three-dimensional injection moulded circuit boards. It represents a new dimension in electronic circuitry by integrating mechanical and electronic functions and three-dimensional design where the optimal usage of space is achieved. Affording a high degree of design flexibility, 3D-MID makes it possible to combine mechanical and electronic functions in the smallest of spaces.

While Cicor has inaugurated the first part of the production plant in Suzhou, China, further development is planned for the coming year to put the company in position to fully serve clients needs both across China and worldwide.

Cicor serves automotive, industrial, electronics and medical industries. By expanding activities in China, the company is following through on its strategic goal of achieving stronger growth, particularly in local markets. Suzhou Cicor will play a key role in Cicor's global production footprint set-up.

"Establishing our own facility in China represents yet another significant milestone in our drive to develop Asia's markets and acquire new customers,” said Dr. Roland Küpfer, Cicor CEO. “In particular, our new subsidiary allows us to participate in the dynamic growth of the local market."