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Cicor ES - NEW Design Rules Manual now online available


The new Cicor ES Design Rules Manual is now online available. You will find various checklists for product development for free download. Please register now:

The Cicor ES Design Rules Manual is important to simplify the communication between customers, developers and producers aim. It takes account of the key aspects of “Design for Manufacturing, Testing & Quality” and helps to reduce direct and especially indirect costs for all partners involved considerably. In addition, the Cicor ES Design Rules Manual shows where the limits of the current mainstream technology and good processability are, this means, when consultation with the selected producer is advisable.

The Cicor ES Design Rules Manual also provides valuable information with which targeted measures an active life cycle management can be used for new, current, and especially for older products.

In addition, you will find the Cicor ES checklists for product development which provides support for developers and project managers in their work in the product deployment process.

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