Automotive & transport

Cicor is a solutions provider with worldwide operations and a globally unique portfolio of services and technologies. The latest discoveries combined with many years of experience, state-of-the-art technologies together with exceptional expertise make Cicor a dependable and innovative partner in the development and production of compelling solutions for every aspect of electronics.

Customized solutions for the automotive industry

The purpose of automotive electronics is to improve the safety and comfort of vehicle occupants; however, it also makes a contribution toward protecting the environment. Regenerative braking systems in hybrid and electric vehicles are able to recover at least part of the kinetic energy, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) helps to reduce fuel consumption and the electrification of the drive train ensures that consumption and emissions are lowered further. The networked vehicle is no longer just a dream.

Active safety systems help to prevent accidents by warning drivers of potential risks at an early stage and are able to take supportive action in critical situations thanks to ABS, ESP and ACC. Passive safety systems protect the occupants of a vehicle. Driver fatigue recognition, lane departure warning systems, cross-traffic alert systems and anticipatory pedestrian protection are concepts that have long become reality. Parking aids, parking assistant systems, intelligent headlamp control systems – there is a long list of assistance systems and more innovative solutions are constantly being added. Technological advances are constantly broadening the range of new, fascinating opportunities for the development and manufacture of such systems. Electronic components in vehicles have to withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C to +200°C. Vibrations, shocks and constantly changing air humidity levels are additional challenges that have to be overcome. Ensuring consistently high quality is an absolute must; absolute reliability and functionality have to be guaranteed at all times. Cicor is a reliable and innovative partner in the development of convincing solutions for automotive electronics.


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