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Cicor published its 5th White Paper: “Improved Thermal Management”

Improved Thermal Management

Airborne and space borne SAR instruments with active array antennas will become more and more important in near future. One of the key elements in this kind of antennas is the hundreds or thousands of T/R Modules which are connected to discrete radiators arranged in array configurations. These T/R-Modules, each requiring separate electrical connections and amplifier circuits, are the cost-driver of the overall system. For such modules, as a representative of high performance systems, the use of advanced substrate technologies can improve the system properties and enhance the overall performance. Especially in applications dealing with high power amplifiers or laser diodes, the thermal management is a crucial topic. Whereas, conventional RF substrate technologies use only partly metallized via for through-substrate interconnects, our new technology provides solid Cu filled via interconnects. These, together with high thermal conductivity substrate materials, like e.g. AlN, improve the thermal properties of the whole assembly. Naturally, also the electrical resistance is reduced and power loss minimized. Also according to manufacturing issues, some drawbacks of only partly metallized through-holes can be avoided.

The White Paper “Improved Thermal Management” describes the properties of the Cu filled via technology together with the fabrication flow for RF and high power application substrates. The main focus is laid on simulation results for the thermal management capabilities of different, i.e. AlN and Al2O3  substrate material incorporating Cu filled via.

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