The Cicor Group offers comprehensive outsourcing services and sound advice on applications in the field of medical technology. As a complete-solutions partner, Cicor works together with it's customers to develop innovative products and offer solutions that meet the needs of the market, reflect the latest trends and convince through their application.

Customized solutions in medical technology

Technological advances are constantly broadening the range of new, fascinating opportunities for the development and manufacture of electronic devices. In the medical field especially, the use of new technologies leads to convincing solutions. An important driver behind new developments is the progress the industry has made in miniaturization. New technologies make it possible for increasingly complex devices to combine more and more functions in less and less space.

Cicor is a reliable and innovative partner in the development of convincing solutions for the medical industry. The broad portfolio of innovative technologies, services and global production capacities offers the right solution for even the most demanding requirements, such as high-tech and high-reliability applications. Thanks to the focus on consistent quality and maximum traceability, rapid prototyping, flexible choice of materials, miniaturization and realization of potential savings as well as our development and assembly services, Cicor is a partner that is able to meet the requirements of medical technology using new ideas and cutting-edge solutions.


  • Hearing aid
  • Pacemaker
  • Retinal implant
  • Intraocular pressure sensor implant
  • CZT pixel detector
  • Eye pressure sensor
  • Breathing gas sensor
  • Plastic for medical applications
  • Lung respiratory devices
  • Defibrillators
  • Shock wave therapy
  • Back training device