Boudry, Switzerland

The Cicor site in Boudry (Cicorel SA, founded 1966) is a manufacturer of high-end printed circuit boards, specialized on circuit miniaturization and highly demanding applications. The site develops and produces sophisticated rigid, rigid-flexible and flexible printed circuit boards (PCB) and has comprehensive expertise in multilayer boards (MLB) and high-density and ultra-high-density interconnects (HDI and uHDI). The site in Boudry is working closely with its customers in the medical, automotive, aerospace & defence, telecommunication and consumer industries.


  • 06/2019 - The first Capstone laser drilling machine in Europe

    The Cicor site in Boudry (Switzerland) is the first European printed circuit board manufacturer which has installed a system with the latest generation UV laser drilling technology from ESI. The new Capstone laser helps Cicor to meet the increasing customer requirements in the processing of blind and through-holes for flexible printed circuit boards. The patented technology enables the opening and dielectric cleaning of copper in one pass. Previously, this required multiple passes. ESI's latest beam positioning technology, AcceleDrill™, leverages the high power and repetition rate of the laser to achieve unprecedented processing efficiency.