Ulm, Germany

The Cicor location in Ulm (Reinhardt Microtech GmbH) specializes in the production of ceramic and flexible substrates in thin-film technology and has extensive development expertise in this field. The production takes place in the clean room using microelectronic manufacturing processes such as lithography, sputtering, etching, electroplating and mechanical processing. The production and processes are designed for maximum flexibility in order to meet special requirements for substrate materials and process combinations. The site offers thin-film substrates (Al2O3, AlN, LCP, polyimide, ferrite, glass) in prototype and volume production.

Products & Services


  • Femtosecond laser in thin-film production

    With the increasing demands on thin-film circuits, the quality requirements for the mechanical processing of ceramic and flexible substrate materials have also increased. For these complex applications, Cicor in Ulm uses a modern femtosecond laser from GFH as a high-precision tool for the micro-processing of flexible and ceramic substrate materials. The main advantage of the machine is that only one laser machine and one laser source has to be used in order to master all different laser applications in perfect quality and with an economic lead time. Cicor's laser work in Ulm includes drilling, cutting and removal of substrates prior to metallization as well as work on already metallized and lithographically structured substrates.

  • Laser Direct Imaging (LDI)

    The use of an LDI exposure unit - currently in qualification - eliminates the costs and waiting times for masks. Global and local alignment capability allows individual exposure of individual circuits on large flex substrates. Substrates can be marked continuously and individually.

  • Clean room

    The site has 520m2 of clean rooms for thin-film production in ISO class 7 to ISO 6 (class 10000 to 1000).