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Rigid-flexible printed circuit boards

  • Close-up of flex-rigid PCB

Combining the advantages of both, rigid and flexible PCBs in one circuit board offers several benefits:

  • Replace rigid PCBs, connectors, cables or separate flexible circuit boards by integrating the connection of different parts in one single rigid-flex PCB

  • Reduce the size of components and enabling 3-dimensional installation of assembled PCBs

  • Increase reliability, especially in harsh environments including vibration, acceleration or deceleration, as connection is integrated in the circuitry

  • Improved signal integrity

  • Reduce logistic effort by combining several components within one single PCB

Cicor is offering a big variety of rigid-flex PCB constructions, using high end/quality base materials, like high TG/low CTE FR4, combined with polyimide foils and various adhesives. State of the art interconnection technologies like stacked or staggered vias and via-in-pad structures are used to drive miniaturization further down the road. A big portfolio of surface finishings is enabling Cicors customers to use all available assembly methods on boards produced by us.

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Boudry, Switzerland

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