Rigid printed circuit boards

Rigid PCBs are available in many different varieties, differentiated by the number of layers, base materials used, construction methods, interconnection schemes as well as areas of use. Cicor is offering rigid PCBs with 1 to 20 layers with a clear focus on miniaturization in x, y and z axis.

Cicor is using (ultra) thin high-end base materials, with CTE values in x and y down to below 8 ppmK-1, to minimize the CTE mismatch. The construction of the boards can either be parallel or sequential. Using state of the art equipment, blind micro vias as well as through holes can be drilled either mechanically or with laser. Subsequently, vias can be filled with copper to enable via stacking or staggering and via-in-pad designs. The utilization of these state-of-the-art design features is maximizing the design freedom and is one of the key factors for miniaturization.

As an option, Cicor offers copper filling of through holes. Copper filled vias are delivering benefits for thermal management and signal integrity. If this process is not applicable, vias can be plugged with non-conductive epoxy pastes and plated over if needed. All standard surface finishings can be deposited on the boards, providing our PCBs with finishings for all assembly methods used.

High accuracy routing and laser machines are enabling us to cut outer contours with very tight alignment tolerances to the etched patterns.

Additional features like:

  • Edge plating
  • Castellations
  • Controlled impedances
  • Plated or non-plated cavities

Experienced engineers supports during the design phases of a circuit board to achieve the maximum output and the best possible reliability.

  • Capabilities
    • Flexible, rigid-flexible and rigid PCBs
    • High-density interconnects (HDIs)
    • Multi-chip modules (MCMs)
    • 1-20 layer rigid PCBs
    • Multilayer circuits on polyimide, polyimide glass, LCP, FR-4, high-Tg, HF substrates
    • Panel production
    • Circuit board structures down to 25/25 μm (1/1 mil)
    • Laser microvias down to 30 μm (1.2 mil) diameter
    • Mechanical vias down to 75 μm (3 mil) diameter
    • Copper filled blind vias
    • Stacked/staggered microvias
    • Thin base materials down to 12.5 μm (0.5 mil)
    • Maximum board thickness 3.0 mm (0.12 in)
    • Laser cavities
    • Materials for temperature management
    • Extensive portfolio of surface finishes 
      • Immersion Sn
      • Immersion Ag
      • ENIG
      • ENEPIG
      • OSP
      • Galvanic Ni/Au
      • HASL