Flexible printed circuit boards

Flexible printed circuit boards (FPC) are offering the highest level of 3D miniaturization. Very low bending radii in combination with Ultra-HDI (ultra-high density interconnect) are enabling our customers to build increasingly smaller and highly integrated devices. This technology is an enabler of small wearable devices as well as high signal density.

Cicor has been a market leader in this field for many years and is manufacturing flex circuits with a layer-count of 1 to 8. We are working with polyimide foils as thin as 12.5 µm (0.5 mil) and adhesive bond plys starting at a thickness of 12.5 µm (0.5 mil). Our state of the art equipment is enabling us to produce FPCs with high output, reliability and repeatability. Depending on the dielectric thickness, laser drilled blind vias can be as small as 35 µm (1.4 mil) in diameter, and can be filled with copper in the subsequent plating process. This plating technology is enabling the use of stacked vias and via-in-pad structures.

Leading edge alignment methods are enabling us to achieve very small annular rings and soldermask registration even on extremely complicated multilayer FPC. As an option, also coverlayer foils can be used.

All standard surface finishings can be deposited on the boards, providing our PCBs with finishings for all assembly methods used.

High accuracy laser contour cutting is generating radii of 0 µm and is optimizing the space utilization and enabling our customers to achieve excellent 3D miniaturization.

  • Capabilities
    • Flexible, rigid-flexible and rigid PCBs
    • High-density interconnects (HDIs)
    • Multi-chip modules (MCMs)
    • 1-20 layer rigid PCBs
    • Multilayer circuits on polyimide, polyimide glass, LCP, FR-4, high-Tg, HF substrates
    • Panel production
    • Circuit board structures down to 25/25 μm (1/1 mil)
    • Laser microvias down to 30 μm (1.2 mil) diameter
    • Mechanical vias down to 75 μm (3 mil) diameter
    • Copper filled blind vias
    • Stacked/staggered microvias
    • Thin base materials down to 12.5 μm (0.5 mil)
    • Maximum board thickness 3.0 mm (0.12 in)
    • Laser cavities
    • Materials for temperature management
    • Extensive portfolio of surface finishes 
      • Immersion Sn
      • Immersion Ag
      • ENIG
      • ENEPIG
      • OSP
      • Galvanic Ni/Au
      • HASL