Test engineering

Cicor has many years of experience in testing and developing product-specific tests and test systems, from in-circuit testing to complex functional test systems. Optimally, testing engineering is already integrated during the development phase, so that requirements for the subsequent test execution can be covered during product design.

This includes in particular:

  • Test concept development (AOI/FlyingProbeTest/ ICT/function test/X-ray/Boundary & Frame Scan)
  • Setup and programming of test systems
  • Integration of test systems into the production environment
  • Quality data management with traceability over the entire life cycle of the product


Due to strict standards and regulations, comprehensive testing of electronic components, printed circuit boards and circuits is becoming increasingly important. The prerequisite for this are automatic test systems with high reliability and repeatability. Cicor uses the same test equipment at all its global EMS sites: State-of-the-art standard systems from Spea (Multimode Flying Probe), Teradyne (In-Circuit-Test) TRI (In-Circuit-Test) as well as functional testing equipment manufactured in-house or provided by the customer. The functional tests are based on our own architectures and are tailored to the product or product platform. In addition to system-specific tools, we use the NI Developer Suite to develop the testing software. All systems interact fully automatically with our traceability system QDM-Pro. All test results and reference measurement values are automatically transferred to the database. This information can also be used to create documents such as measurement certificates or device passports.

  • Support and advice
    • Evaluation of suitable test procedures (quality, costs, lead time,...)
    • Design to Manufacture, Design to Test
    • Traceability, documentation and verification requirements
  • Development, construction and programming of test equipment
    • Development of product-specific test concepts
    • Experienced test engineers, our own test equipment manufacture
    • Reliable adaptation solutions for all quantities
    • Programming of test systems such as in-circuit and flying probe test systems
    • Frame scan, boundary scan implementation
    • Development, construction and programming of product-specific functional testing systems
    • High-voltage, run-in and burn-in tests
    • Electrical and other physical measurands
    • Integration of customer testing systems
    • Cross-location traceability system
  • Recognized test methods and state-of-the-art test systems
    • Test engineering know-how at all production sites
    • State-of-the-art test systems
    • Coordinated test system and platform strategy
    • ICT network spanning all production sites for fast data reconciliation
    • Traceability over the entire product life cycle
    • Run-In / Burn-IN Tests
    • High voltage tests