Active implants

The demands placed on medical applications are high: their reliability and functionality must be guaranteed at all times while designs keep becoming smaller, more flexible and more complex. For implants that come in contact with human tissue in particular biocompatibility must always be ensured.

Cicor manufactures complex circuits of various materials and realizes ultrafine structures, which can be less than 0.02 mm thick despite having a high functional density. Using CiP (chip in polymer/plastic) technology, the overall thickness of chip packages can be reduced to between 60 and 100 μm. State-of-the-art technology now makes it possible to manufacture multilayer circuits from biocompatible materials or stretchable components in conjunction with multilayer technology on flexible substrates.




Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates

The Cicor Group puts all experience in the manufacturing of reliable rigid-flex multilayer printed circuit boards that enable people to live better with more serenity. Manufacturing a PCB used as pacemaker implanted in the human body needs highest quality standards.


  • Manufacturing of rigid, rigid-flex and flexible multilayer PCBs
  • Quality standards IPC-A 600 Class 3 + specific customer criteria for medical implantable units
  • Reliability testing, e.g. IST test, temperature cycling, HAST tests and others

Retinal implant


Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates

A retinal implant helps to restore vision in people who have gone blind. Cicor AMS manufactures flexible thin-film substrates, which are implanted directly into the human eye.

  • Flexible, multilayer thin-film substrate made of polyimide
  • High flexibility of the material
  • Contacts by Filled Via
  • Wire bond connections
  • Micro-assembly on the flexible substrate
  • Lines / spaces down to 5 µm / 5 µm   
  • Biocompatible metallization Ti, Au, P

Hearing aid

Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates

The 4-layer PCB for hearing aids is convincing in terms of functionality, stability, reliability, quality, safety and not least in terms of miniaturization. It resists the highest loads, is very flexible and can be used reliably - even with large amounts of data. Due to its high development expertise and support throughout the product life cycle Cicor guarantees optimal end customer support - from the idea, to prototype, to high-volume production.

  • Flexible multilayer PCB based on ultrathin polyimide
  • Fit-to-design thanks to precise miniaturization
  • Laser direct imaging and photolithography
  • Electrical and optical testing
  • No interferences
  • High bandwidth for data transfer

Intraocular pressure sensor implant

Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates

The intraocular pressure sensor implant will be used in opthalmology, in particular for glaucoma patients. A novel, implantable extraocular sensor that can measure intraocular pressure for 24 hours, the implant is fitted together with an artificial eye lens used to treat cataracts (lenticular opacity).

  • Flexible, polyimide-based thin-film substrate
  • Biocompatible materials
  • Joint new product development
  • Near-zero fault tolerance
  • Complex microassembly