Temperature control

Electronic Solutions

Cicor develops a modular control system for a new generation of temperature
control units for Regloplas AG.

  • Distributed system
    • Up to 15 nodes, further expansion possible
    • Secure CAN communication
    • Separation of operating panel and controller
  • Embedded software
    • Architecture and design with UML and CASE Tool
    • Subversion
    • Automatic software build process
    • USB boot loader
    • USB master/slave device configuration
    • Profibus, CANopen, RS485, Current-Loop, RS232 interfaces
    • AES encrypted software features
  • Hardware
    • State-of-the-art hardware design
    • Latest ARM Cortex M3 processors
    • Short-circuit-proof inputs/outputs
    • 230V and 24V-compatible
    • Options for analogue/digital inputs and outputs,
    • CANopen and Profibus interfaces
    • Very precise temperature measurement