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Cicor Technologies’ shares are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

  • Share: CICOR TECH N 
  • Share code: 870219
  • Abbreviation: CICN
  • ISIN: CH 000 870 219 0

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The fol­low­ing share­hold­ers, known to Ci­cor Tech­nolo­gies Ltd. from its share reg­is­ter and from pub­lished dis­clo­sures of share­hold­ings in the Swiss Of­fi­cial Gazette of Com­merce, each held more than 3% of the to­tal share cap­i­tal. Cicor Technologies is not aware of any shareholders’ agreement regarding shares in Cicor Technologies.

OEP 80 B.V. 29.3
LLB Swiss Investment AG 4.1
Escatec Holdings Ltd. 3.8
FundPartner Solution SA 3.1
Total 40.3

Disclosure of shareholdings

Information about significant shareholders are available on the website of SIX Swiss Exchange. Please use the Link "Disclosure of shareholdings".

Disclosure of shareholdings

Dividend policy

Cicor Technologies generally pursues a conservative dividend policy with the aim of increasing the value of the company. The Board of Directors proposes dividend payments in line with the business’s long-term and sustainable development, taking into account investments to be made into growth and the further development of the Group.