As the outsourcing partner, Cicor is responsible for the procurement of components, the manufacture of electronic controls, printed circuit board assembly, assembly, the entire box-building process and the after-sales service.

Cicor produces the Intelligent Touch Terminal, Intelligent Screen Control Unit and Intelligent Data Router as complete products for Trapeze as well as multifunctional displays. Cicor also produces the hardware for Ticket Inspection Control, the communication platform for buses and trains, as well as for various passenger information systems.

Our extensive knowhow and many years of experience in the development and production of electronic devices and systems enables Trapeze to focus on its core business.

The products and solutions of Trapeze are adjusted and produced in a customerspecific way. For the outsourcing partner this requires a high level of flexibility, open communication and cooperation. Cicor coordinates material handling, thus ensuring flexible production and shorter times for reserve material procurement.