The cooperatively developed intraocular pressure sensor is based on a flexible polyimide-based thin-film substrate. Cicor produces this base substrate in-house by applying polyimide to a ceramic carrier and then structuring it in the shape of the coil bobbin. The coil is held in place only by small, insular surfaces beneath the coil's windings, which assure the mechanical integrity of the structure. This makes for problem-free encapsulation in silicone, resulting in a long-life implant.

The complex sensor functions are integrated on a custom-developed ASIC chip that is applied to the substrate using thermocompression. The structured and assembled substrate is then released from its ceramic carrier and encapsulated in medical-grade silicone for biocompatibility.

Dependable production processes and maintaining tolerances are both central to manufacturing the product. Strict process control ensures production of the highest caliber, benefiting our customers and not least patients' health.