Energy supply and distribution in aircraft

The aviation industry relies on safety like almost no other. The demands placed throughout the supply chain are thus accordingly high. Reliability, functionality and consistent quality in production must be guaranteed. The power supply and distribution systems in aircraft are profoundly different from those found in, for example, buildings. Since power cannot be transported from an external power station and batteries can only be used to a limited extent, aircraft use generators to independently generate power. The generators are linked to auxiliary engines, which also power them. All relevant systems are supplied with power via the connected power distribution unit.

Within the scope of a framework agreement valid until 2018, US company UTC Aerospace Systems, a business unit of the United Technologies Corporation, outsourced part of its chip and wire production line for energy supply and distribution modules to Cicor’s production site in Radeberg. The resulting complex reconstruction saw the existing production facilities completely restructured and the existing production lines supplemented with additional equipment. The clean room area and the area for measurement technology were also expanded. This new setup enables us to tailor production specifically to our clients and creates the conditions necessary for the entire production line to be outsourced.