Cicor is a solutions provider with global operations and a unique portfolio of services and technologies. The latest discoveries combined with many years of experience, state-of-the-art technologies and exceptional expertise make Cicor a dependable and innovative partner in the development and production of compelling solutions.

As an outsourcing partner, Cicor offers PCB assembly, box building, tool design and fabrication and plastic injection molding services from a single source.

ESLs can be customized and tailored to customer-specific requirements, which requires a high level of flexibility of any outsourcing partner.

The e-paper labels’ displays boast a very high resolution, guaranteeing perfect readability from any angle up to 180 degrees and in different lighting conditions.

Cicor also produces digital price tags for use in chilled counters. Water-resistant IP67-certified LCD displays mean that the e-paper label with e-paper technology can be safely used in moist environments and cold temperatures.