Capsule endoscopy

The demands placed on medical applications are high: Reliability and functionality must be guaranteed at all times while designs keep becoming smaller and more complex. First applied in clinical practice in 2001, capsule endoscopy is an imaging technique used to examine the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract. Patients swallow a small camera contained in a capsule, which automatically records images of the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract on its way through the stomach and intestine. The recorded images can then be examined for any abnormal changes by a trained physician.

Together with Hangzhou Chong Technology Co. Ltd. (Hitron), the Cicor team in Suzhou, China, used its local expertise in 3D-MID technology and application to develop an innovative solution for the coil antenna inside the Hitron endoscopy capsule, the first capsule solution to use a proprietary control chip. Thanks to its perfect design and complex laser structuring, the antenna enables the wireless transmission of dynamic and precise imaging data from the integrated camera via radio frequency.

Together with the customer, the Cicor Group has led the development of this highly complex and innovative application to success. After several successful tests, the Hitron endoscopy capsule has been qualified and is now recognized by numerous medical institutions as a valid procedure for the diagnosis of intestinal abnormalities.