Cicor Innovation Insights: Successful Symposium in Shanghai, October 27, 2016


On the occasion of Medtec China in Shanghai, the Cicor Group held Asia’s first Innovation Insights Symposium. The exclusive event focused on the opportunities and challenges that Asia poses for medical technology and medical device businesses.

值中国国际医疗设备设计与技术展览会在上海举办之际,Cicor 集团邀请了相关人士与企业参加首

Professor Dr. Zheng Han

Participants enjoyed an exciting introduction to the topic with a presentation from Professor Dr. Zheng Han: “Innovating Business Models in the Medical Devices Industry.” Professor Han presented opportunities involving new business models and trends for the Asian market. In line with the “Healthcare Ecosystem,” he presented exciting approaches to topics such as “Mobility Business Model” and “Revers Innovation.” Various new possibilities and approaches for businesses were explored. However, the focus should always remain on what can the customer afford and where do needs lie. The question here is not about “low-quality” goods but instead devices and products that are perfectly adapted to market needs and that can possibly also be complemented by the service industry.

会议一开始,Zheng Han 教授提供的以“医疗器械行业的商业创新模式”为题目的演讲就调动了参会 者的热情。Han 教授讲述了新型商业模式的机遇与亚洲市场的趋势。他根据“医疗生态系统”展示了 关于“移动商业模式”与“反向创新”的几个模型,十分耐人寻味。对企业来说,虽然存在各种各样新 的机会与起点。但焦点依然是:客户的购买力与需求。在这种情况下“低质量”的设备销量并不 高,而专门针对客户需求的设备与产品,再加上尽可能完善的服务,则会十分畅销。

Philippe Koller

In the second presentation, the Cicor Group presented its portfolio as a solution provider. The group is perfectly placed around the world to act as box-building partner, supporting businesses in various fields, from a product idea, right through development, industrialization, production and, finally, after-sales service. As part of this topic, Philippe Koller, Vice President of the Cicor Group’s Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates division, also presented the newly launched PCB technology platform DenciTec. This technology, a true breakthrough in the field of medical technology, opens up new possibilities in miniaturization.

在随后的报告中,Cicor 集团以解决方案提供者的角度对其产品进行了介绍。Cicor 集团是一家完善 的跨国企业,作为 Box‐Building 的合作伙伴,该集团从产品的构思到工业化生产再到售后服务等,在各个方面为其提供支持。Cicor 集团高级微电子与基板生产部副总裁 Philippe Koller 在会上展示了 新上市的新型 PCB 技术平台 DenciTec。该技术在微型化领域开拓了新的可能性,尤其在医疗技术 领域也属于里程碑式的创新技术。

Danielle Giroud

Danielle Giroud, MD-Clinicals, presented important facts and figures on the challenging issues of product registration and clinical trials in Asia. An important factor in this matter is targeted preparation and having the right partner. Giroud also pointed out that registration and studies can be cost-intensive and that responsibilities concerning product safety must be clearly defined.

接下来 MD‐Clinicals 公司的首席执行官 Danielle Giroud 介绍了关于亚洲产品注册及临床试验重要的 情况与数据。重要的一点是,在此有针对性的进行了准备并选择正确的合作伙伴。此外她还表 示,注册和试验很可能需要大量的资金,关于产品安全的职责必须明确分配。

Steven Wen

For the final presentation, Steven Wen, Brandwood Biomedical Beijing, discussed China’s FDA Regulations (product licensing) and clinical trials, which are not only very demanding but also subject to constant changes and adjustments. This area requires intensive assistance and support, especially where class II and III medical products are concerned. The constantly changing guidelines for this area are fundamentally different for local and import manufacturers. Steven Wen also highlighted the opportunities for faster product licensing in the field of innovation, which applies to products with innovative technologies, patents, a degree of clinical urgency or for which there are no comparable products on the Asian market.

最后一位进行演讲的是来自 Brandwood 生物医学有限公司的 Wen 先生,他就中国食品药品监督管 理局的相关规定(产品许可)及临床试验进行了详细讲解。产品许可的申请需要满足诸多要求,需要根据变化的政策及时调整,是一个需要加大力度关注并支持的域,尤其是针对二类和三类的医疗产品。国内外生产商在这方面的政策不尽相同并且一直在变化。Wen 先生还展示了如何更 快地申请到创新产品许可的方法。这里的创新产品指的是使用创新技术、获得专利或有临床紧迫 性的产品、或在亚洲市场上没有同类商品的产品。

Altogether, a wide range of topics were covered that explored strategies, outsourcing solutions, clinical product trials and product registration. In his closing speech, Cicor Group’s Philippe Koller said, “today we have discussed many challenging topics, now let us develop new products together!”

As part of the Cicor Innovation Insights campaign, the Cicor Group offers a worldwide symposium platform for experts with experts, exploring challenging topics. The exclusive Asia Symposium in Shanghai was a follow-up to the symposium held in Zurich at the end of September.

等。Philippe Koller (Cicor Group) 在结束语中讲道:“今天我们探讨了诸多具有挑战性的议题,现在

Cicor 集团在其创新活动中为全世界提供了一个由专家组成、为专家建立的讨论平台,以探讨一些
具有挑战性的议题。Cicor 集团在上海举办的亚洲独家研讨会是九月底苏黎世研讨会的延续。