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Cicor production site in Radeberg, Germany

Radeberg - Germany

The Cicor site in Radeberg specializes in the manufacture of complex substrates using thick-film technology as well as microelectronic assembly on ceramics or printed circuit boards. The core industries are aerospace, defense, medical as well as demanding applications in the industrial sector. The services offered at the site include development support, prototype construction, series production and product qualification. Production in the clean room uses a wide range of packaging technologies such as chip bonding, wire bonding, vacuum soldering, sintering, SMD assembly and various encapsulation processes. The test stations for functional tests are developed and built in-house. Cicor Radeberg has 1,300 m² of clean rooms up to ISO Class 5 (Class 100).

Cicor Radeberg as an Employer


Aktionstag Ausbildung 2024

Cicor ist Teil des Aktionstag Ausbildung, der am 28. September 2024 auf dem Gelände der IHK Dresden stattfindet.


Close-up microelectronics assembly

Microelectronic Assembly

Microelectronic Assembly
Close-up of a hybrid solution, thick film

Thick-Film Substrates

Thick-Film Substrates