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Borj Cedria - Tunisia

Phoenix Mecano Digital Elektronik GmbH and Phoenix Mecano Digital Tunisie S.a.r.l. develop and produce electronic assemblies, devices and systems for customers in the medical technology and industrial sectors at two sites in Thuringia (Germany) and one site in Borj-Cedria (Tunisia).

The full range of electronics manufacturing services is available for the realization of customer projects. In addition to the core processes in SMT and THT manufacturing, additional services such as cable assembly and encapsulation technologies are also available.

Process reliability is guaranteed by the use of state-of-the-art testing technologies. AOI, ICT and PC-based test environments enable any desired test coverage. Functional tests are also realized internally to meet customer requirements.

For more information about the Cicor site in Borj Cedria, please visit the following website:

PHOENIX MECANO Digital Elektronik GmbH


PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

Box Building

Box Building


Phoenix Mecano Digital Tunisie S.à.r.l.
23, Rue Jamel Abdelnacer Z.I.
TN-2084 Borj Cedria