Traceability – thanks to secure quality data

Security through data traceability

The Electronic Solutions traceability system ensures that all relevant quality data is entered during the manufacturing and maintenance of electronic products and guarantees optimum security. The quality data management system provides transparent and inter-site traceability during the entire product life cycle as well as aggregation and registration. Our proprietary, fully integrated quality data management software allows us to trace, for example, all component batch numbers for modules or units.

Standardized process for data entry in the quality data management system

  • Allocation of component batch numbers in the ERP system on receipt of goods
  • Registration via allocation of serial numbers for each printed circuit board at the beginning of a production order for clear identification
  • Linking of component batch numbers with the print circuit board serial number during the manufacturing process
  • Assignment of results from AOI, Flyingprobe, Incircuit and/or functional testing to the serial number
  • Aggregation of individual modules with serial numbers to a complete unit with a unique unit serial number

Data entered in line with the defined process form the basis for reports such as delivery batch documents or certificates (CoC). The quality data management system is also used in the after sales process. All returns are entered in the quality data management system and the action taken recorded. This guarantees transparent traceability and optimum security.