Design and fabrication of high quality precision plastic injection molds, production of quality precision molded parts and related secondary operations:

Mold design

Fully integrated 3D software for mold design to steel cutting programming

  • Unigraphic CAD-CAM
  • Autocad
  • 3D model file from customer to be in parasolid or stp format

Precision injection mold making:

  • build with cold, semi hot and fully hot runner system
  • validated and approved before transfer to production
  • Prototype, multi cavities and double shot injection mold
  • life warranties (fully harden) to 1,000,000 shot cycle

Quality control capabilities

  • We use all the metrology equipment for study on deviations and to keep quality under control
  • Statical Process Control, Process study and optimization is part of our control and improvement practice
  • All process and operation are control to meet “do it right at the first time” policy
  • Zero defects is one of our Quality objectives