Global, efficient procurement management

Cicor has a global procurement management for electronic production. The ERP system, which functions across multiple locations, supports the bundling of materials and guarantees optimal procurement prices (total cost of ownership) for our clients, thanks to the clever supply chain management and innovative supplier evaluation. The integration of SAP in the purchasing departments in Europe and Asia makes it possible to view the entire material planning.

Procurement set to your needs

Cicor works with your needs in mind. Thanks to our strategic focus by product groups, material bundling, global sourcing and need-based procurement, we can cover your needs optimally and ensure that you receive prompt information about changes in prices and delivery times.

On the way to you – Always economical and cost effective

Transport of raw materials as well as semi-manufactured and manufactured products between the Cicor production sites is always coordinated. In line with the goal of finding economical and cost-effective solutions for our customers, dispatch and delivery logistics are evaluated and arranged in the best way possible according to urgency and volume. Whether it's a question of air freight, sea freight, transit by land or collective transport: you can rely on our experience.

Industrialization Services:

  • Layout testing
  • Evaluation of second-source components
  • Review of obsolescent components (EOL)
  • Validation of production and test systems
  • Development of logistical and packaging strategies