Markets & Applications

The success of a product innovation depends on what happens in the planning and development phase. Here, customers of Cicor benefit from our extensive development skills. Our experienced engineers will work with you in partnership to develop optimum technical and commercial solutions that minimize the time between product development and placement on the market while maximizing market impact.


Lung respiratory devices

Electronic Solutions

Thanks to its broad technical expertise in hardware and software development, Cicor provide innovative solutions that meet all standards required for the development and production of sophisticated medical products.

  • Hardware & Software Design of a Functional Secure System
  • Risk Management according to ISO 14971
  • PCB & System Assembly
  • ICT & Functional Test
  • Pneumatic System Test
  • Redesign Support
  • Traceability by QDM
  • Repair


Electronic Solutions

Defibrillators used in hospitals, emergency units, public buildings and public spaces. Cicor produces the complete unit under contract. This involves procuring all the materials, making and testing the electronic modules, box building and final testing of the finished product.

Production according to ISO 13485 - Complex PCB Assembly & Test

  • Redesign PCB Layout
  • Procurement
  • PCB Assembly SMT / THT
  • ICT Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Full Traceability with QDM

Shock wave theraphy devices

Electronic Solutions

  • Design of a Functional Secure System
  • Risk Management according ISO 14971
  • PCB & System Assembly
  • ICT & Functional Test
  • Redesign & RFID implementation
  • Traceability by QDM
  • Repair

Plastic products for medical applications

Electronic Solutions

Cicor manufactures plastic products for medical applications such as plastic containers for cardiothoracic drainages. Cardiothoracic drainages are used to remove air, liquids or infectious material, that have accumulated after injury, disease or surgery from the pleural or mediatinal space. Cicor produces three different disposable canister sizes, providing the optimal solution for the patient

  • Mould design and manufacturing
  • 100K (ISO 8) Cleanroom Plastic injection molding
  • 100K (ISO 8) Cleanroom Assembly
  • Integrated Packaging Solution
  • Vibration Welding
  • Bio-burden Control
  • Logistics




Building technologies

Electronic Solutions

The requirement for safe, sustainable and efficient construction, is the main driver for the progress in building automation. Cicor is an innovative partner with comprehensive know-how, has many years of experience in quality assurance and risk management to provide customers with tailor-made solutions in accordance with their specific needs and requirements. Cicor provides electronic services for building safety, energy distribution, access control, building control as well as in the sanitary field.

The Cicor Group's Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) Division offers a broad range of professional expertise and production options for printed circuit board assembly, system assembly and box building, as well as switch box construction, cable assembly, toolmaking and plastic injection molding.

The underlying principles: partnership and reliability

We support our clients starting in the planning stage, guaranteeing the ideal outsourcing solution, tailored to the client‘s specifi c needs. We see ourselves as a partner over the entire product life cycle, from product development through series production to after-sales service.



Temperature control

Electronic Solutions

Cicor develops a modular control system for a new generation of temperature
control units for Regloplas AG.

  • Distributed system
    • Up to 15 nodes, further expansion possible
    • Secure CAN communication
    • Separation of operating panel and controller
  • Embedded software
    • Architecture and design with UML and CASE Tool
    • Subversion
    • Automatic software build process
    • USB boot loader
    • USB master/slave device configuration
    • Profibus, CANopen, RS485, Current-Loop, RS232 interfaces
    • AES encrypted software features
  • Hardware
    • State-of-the-art hardware design
    • Latest ARM Cortex M3 processors
    • Short-circuit-proof inputs/outputs
    • 230V and 24V-compatible
    • Options for analogue/digital inputs and outputs,
    • CANopen and Profibus interfaces
    • Very precise temperature measurement

Watches & consumers

Sewing machines

Electronic Solutions

Cicor produces various electronic modules under contract for high end sewing machines for private domestic use.

  • Production in Asia and Europe for the different production sites of the costumer
  • PCB Assembly
  • Box Building
  • Plastic injection molding
  • ICT Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Traceability by QDM
  • After Sales Services

Automotive & transport

Cabinet building

Electronic Solutions

  • Purchasing
  • Cable Assembly and Cabinet Assembly
  • Electrical and Hydrostatic Test

Data control systems

Electronic Solutions

Data recording and signal control systems for use in public transport applications. Cicor produces data recording modules for railways and signal control components for line safety.

Information systems

Electronic Solutions

Cicor assembles LED panels under contract for use in public and private transport applications..

  • Purchasing
  • PCB Assembly
  • Assembly of 5'500 LED's

Aerospace & defence


Electronic Solutions

Armoured vehicle used in the security and military sectors. Cicor produces complex cables and wiring looms under customer contract. Cicor also produces electronic modules for audio/video monitoring within the vehicle.

Cable Harnesses
  • Purchasing
  • Soldering & Crimping
  • Automatic Cutting & Dismantling
  • Shrinking & Labeling
  • Automated cable tests
High frequency modules for line-of-sight devices
  • Purchasing
  • Fast Prototyping
  • Obsolescence Management
  • PCB Assembly
  • In Circuit & Flying Probe Testing
  • Modul Assembly
  • HF-Testing
  • Run-in & Burn-in
  • Service & Repair


Data line access

Electronic Solutions

  • Purchasing
  • PCB Assembly
  • In Circuit Testing
  • Function Testing
  • Box Building
  • Repair