Radeberg, Germany

The Cicor location in Radeberg (RHe Microsystems GmbH) is specialized in the production of complex substrates in thick-film technology as well as microelectronic assembly on ceramics or PCBs. Its core industries are aerospace, military, medical and demanding industrial applications. The site's range of services includes development support, prototype construction, serial production and industry-specific product qualifications. The testing stations for functional tests in series production are developed and set up internally. This approach ensures that even the most demanding quality requirements are met.

The production site has 1300 m² of clean rooms up to class ISO 5 (class 100). Under these conditions, very sensitive optical components such as those used in high-resolution cameras for wafer production are also processed. The sterile production of medical devices is carried out in a separate area in the clean room, as is the processing of silicone. Two fully automatic lines are available for the assembly of dies and SMD components, which also enable mixed assembly on a substrate. The manufacturing accuracy is up to 7 µm. Soldering, bonding, sintering and various wire bonding processes are available as joining technologies. Various encapsulation processes up to hermetic housings complete the capabilities of the production site.


  • ISO 13485 Certification

    The Cicor site in Radeberg (DE) has been working successfully with customers from the medical technology sector for more than 10 years. In order to achieve further growth in this strategically important area, the company was certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485 in March 2017. All areas of the company were audited. The successful completion of the certification audit focused in particular on recording, documenting and evaluating the process stability of the assembly process.

  • Thin wire bonder

    In April 2017, a new fully automatic wire bonder from the renowned manufacturer Hesse was put into operation at the Radeberg (DE) site. The Bondjet with a wedge-wedge bond head processes Al wire with a diameter of 17.5 µm to 50 µm and replaces an older device. Thanks to this investment, the processing speed was significantly increased and the quality of the bonds was further improved. RHe believes that wedge-wedge technology will continue to be an important component of joining technology in the future.

  • SMD assembly line

    A new SMD placement machine from Juki was installed in September 2017. The machine significantly increases the throughput of the existing line and thus creates new capacity for the targeted growth. Simultaneously with the installation, the automatic recognition of components and batches was implemented, which allows the allocation of each individual component based on the serial number of the product. This meets the requirements of medical technology for component traceability.

  • New X-ray system

    In November 2017, the Radeberg (DE) site commissioned a new X-ray facility. The device is able to carry out detailed investigations of components and connection setup with an image quality not possible before. The results help both in setting up demanding soldering processes and in securing quality standards.