Swiss engineered technology

DenciTec® – more freedom for designers - more features for devices


Significantly higher level of integration: for example more volume for energy supply (batteries etc.), more design options

Higher packing densities

More design options, no limitation in use of state-of-the-art PCB design features

More functionality at same form factor

Smarter products with more features

Significantly lower costs compared to thin-film technology


DenciTec® – The revolution in miniaturization

DenciTec® is enabling us to produce ultra-high density circuits, without the downsides of standard production technologies:

  • A unique set of state-of-the-art equipment and the best use of its capabilities
  • New possibilities in PCB manufacturing, highly reliable circuits without any limitation of freedom in design
  • Production output and yields are at levels typical for PCB manufacturer

Limitations of standard production technologies

Standard technologies for the production of printed circuits.

  • Panel-Plating
  • Pattern-Plating

For circuits with line widths and spacings of less than 35 microns, several concessions have to be made to achieve acceptable results and output.

The currently used production process is typically not enabling the use of the whole set of possibilities of modern PCB technology, e.g. for example:

  • Via-Stacking
  • Via in pad structures or
  • Integrated antennas

DenciTec® - new possibilities in miniaturization:

  • Line width and spacing as small as 25 micron
  • Copper thickness of 20 +/- 5 microns on all layers
  • Laser via diameters of 35 microns
  • Annular rings of 30 microns on inner layers and 20 microns on outer layers
  • Copper filled blind vias enabling via stacking and vias-in-pad
  • Ultra-thin circuits using 12.5 micron polyimide core material (4 layer flex circuits with less than 120 micron thickness)
  • Highest level of reliability

Human hair and DenciTec®

  • 1 human hair = 100 μm
  • 1 line width = 25 μm
  • 1 spacing = 25 μm