Board assembly

  • Microassembly on flexible and rigid substrates (ceramic, steel, ferrite, glass, polymer, PCB)
  • Component and group assembly
  • Die attach, COB, flip chip, bare die, MMICs, SMD (min. 01005), (μ)BGA
  • Al and Au wire/ribbon bonding
  • Automatic ball-wedge, wedge-wedge bonding
  • Fluxless soldering in vacuum, gluing


Base materials for the assembly

  • Thin-film substrates for microwave  applications, opto-electronic components and thermal management
  • Thick-film substrates for power modules
  • Specific RF and microwave PCBs
  • Standard FR4, rigid, rigid-flex and flexible PCBs, Multilayer
  • Flexible substrates (foils, polyimide, LCPs, silicones)
  • Combinations of different types of circuit boards in one single component
  • Installation of circuit boards to base materials, on heatsinks and in modular housings