Production site Ulm, Germany

Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates Production site Ulm, Germany

Reinhardt Microtech GmbH is specialized in the manufacture of highly delicate flexible substrates in thin-film technology and has a very high level of development in this area. Both the manufacture and structuring of base materials (polyimide films) are completed directly on site, with the related processes being constantly developed further.

Reinhardt Microtech GmbH offers its customers a special service in the form of a fast prototyping program, which allows ceramic prototypes to be delivered within 10 working days.

Competencies and services

Cleanrooms from class ISO 7 to ISO 5 (class 10,000 to 100), 1,000 m²

Fast prototyping program for ceramic prototypes

Thin-film technology

  • Rigid and flexible substrates, multilayers
  • Metallic coating
  • Sputtering
  • Electroplating (copper, nickel, gold)
  • Photolithography
  • Wet etching, dry etching (RIE)

Automatic laser trimming

  • Laser trimming using a YAG laser
  • High-value resistors

Forming and singulating

  • CO2 laser cutting
  • Diamond cutting