Production site Boudry, Switzerland

Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates Production site Boudry, Switzerland

Working closely with our customers in the medical, automotive, aerospace & defence, telecommunication and consumer industries, Cicorel SA develops and produces sophisticated rigid, rigid-flexible and flexible printed circuit boards (PCBs) and has comprehensive expertise in multilayer boards (MLBs), high-density interconnects (HDIs), reel-to-reel and 3D MID technology.

Competencies and services

Substrates PCBs

  • Rigid, rigid-flexible and flexible PCBs
  • High-density interconnects (HDIs)
  • Multi-chip modules (MCM)
  • 1–32 layer rigid PCBs
  • Multilayer circuits on polyimide, polyimide glass, LCP, FR-4, high-Tg, HF substrate
  • Panel and reel-to-reel production
  • Circuit board structures down to 25/25 «m
  • Laser microvias down to 30 μm
  • Mechanical vias down to 75 μm
  • Filled blind vias
  • Stacked/staggered microvias to 6-n-6
  • +/–5% impedance-controlled circuit boards
  • Thin base materials down to 12.5 μm
  • Circuit boards down to 4.0 mm thickness
  • Laser cavities
  • Materials for temperature management
  • Extensive portfolio of surface finishes
    • Immersion Sn
    • Immersion Ag
    • ENIG
    • ENEPIG
    • OSP
    • ASIG
    • Galvanic Ni/Au
    • HASL
  • Electrical, optical and thermal testing